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6 Must-try ideas for a New Year party decoration

Hey, there isn’t much time until New Year’s eve comes around the corner. Have you decided on the decoration pieces for your excellent party? Will you become the host of the year with the best ideas? Yes, holiday decorations need meticulous planning, but why do you have to do that over and over again when you can simply read the following ideas list, a cheat sheet if you will. So, what to choose for your New Year party decoration? 

1. New Year Mylar and Foil Balloons

Balloons are the best way of decorating your dwelling for cheap and without delegating work to special services. Not only can you perfectly inflate your balloons at home, but they also come in a variety of colors to fit any interior. Additionally, foil and Mylar balloons are easily recyclable, so if you have any fragile New Year tree decorations, they can be wrapped inside a deflated foil balloon. Here is an outstanding place to shop for your New Year balloons: 

2.  Natural décor

Traditional New Year decorations will not always perfectly fit into your interior. A perfect alternative for buying garlands and plastic toys would be real pine cones, branches, pine trees, and even fruits (for instance, citruses always resemble New Year tree balls.) They always look great in a New Year key concept and are not so fragile as glass decorations. And even if you don’t find these incredible natural decorations festive enough, covering them with a thin layer of gold or silver paint would help. 

3. Unique Christmas tree

Your New Year tree is the main attribute of a living room décor. But if your room is too small for a human-height tree, or you don’t want to buy plastic trees because it is not sustainable, you can still cheat and create something that would resemble a Christmas tree. We are talking about the wall decoration, resembling a Christmas tree. These can be made of garlands, balloons, toys, stickers, and any other elements you will be able to stick to the wall. The possibilities are endless. 

4. New Year-themed pillows

Decorative pillows with New Year’s themed designs or made of exquisite glossy fabric (with iconic New Year color schemes and patterns) will expertly accent the festive theme. You may buy them or create them yourself. Bright accents lighten up the interior regardless of the season, so the money and work spent on your decorations will not be useless as you can further use your pillows throughout the year.

5. Christmas lights

During the New Year season, why not choose thousands of small lights to make your home a better place? These will instantly lighten up everyone’s mood and can be placed on top of your Christmas tree if you have one. The decorative potential doesn’t end with one option. You can also create shining pictures and wall constructions, neon phrases, window curtains, furniture lighting.

In addition, garlands can be added to decorative compositions, wrap around firewood in a faux fireplace to create an association with a real fireplace, or simply put in a jar to make an original lamp.

6. New Year scents

If you have a real Christmas tree in your house, then pine scents will be strong. But because installing real trees is mostly illegal, why not try aromatic candles and scented oils? Aside from the pine scents, you can always choose chocolate and cinnamon notes for your living room. If you want to make the room even more festive, introduce some more complicated scents, such as licorice or citruses.

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