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How To Delete Your TextNow Account Permanently [Easy Steps]

Are you planning to delete your TextNow account permanently?

It’s understandable if you wish to try out another messaging app or call service. However, how do you delete your TextNow account before you go any further? Can you even delete your TextNow account?

Firstly, you should know that you cannot delete your TextNow account. TextNow doesn’t have an option to delete your account. However, you can deactivate it and make it inactive.

By the end of this article, you will learn how to delete your TextNow account and other TextNow related information.

What is TextNow?

TextNow App is a mobile phone app that allows you to make calls from anywhere, in any country. You can make free calls and texts over wifi, which means you won’t have to pay for calls when you are at home.

TextNow was founded as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app in 2009 that provided you with a U.S. phone number that you could use to make phone calls or text over wifi.

Users can download the TextNow app to various devices, so when someone calls or sends a message, they can receive it on their computer, on a tablet, on a cellphone, or even on an iPod Touch.

Besides, TextNow has also expanded into a real mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the cellular networks of other providers to provide wireless coverage for your smartphone.

In addition, users can make domestic and international phone calls using the TextNow app.

Can You Delete Your TextNow Account?

No, you cannot delete your TextNow account. As I mentioned before, TextNow doesn’t have an option that lets you delete your Textnow account.

Nonetheless, there are some alternative methods you can use to deactivate or make your account inactive.

To stop using TextNow, remove the app from your device or computer. Your phone number will be removed from your account after a few days of inactivity, and you will no longer be able to make or receive calls.

If you’re using a TextNow premium subscription, you must cancel it through the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

Additionally, If you have a TextNow Plan (including Nationwide Talk and Text and Data Add Ons), follow this guide to cancel your subscription.

What’s more, if you want to reactivate your account, you can simply log in with your credentials.

Why Should You Delete Your TextNow Account?

Whether you plan to try different alternatives or you’re tired of personalized ads or email, here are certain reasons why you might want to delete your TextNow Account.

1. Poor WiFi/Internet Connection

TextNow uses WiFi or an Internet connection to be able to call or text messages.

If you have a poor internet connection then it’s time to delete your TextNow account and find different alternatives.

2. Limited Services

You cannot use premium features with a free subscription and can only make calls and send messages.

However, Numbers with a premium subscription will remain in your account throughout the subscription period regardless of how much you use it.

3. Spam Emails and Ads

If you’re frustrated with TextNow sending you random promotional emails or personalized ads then you should try different alternatives to TextNow.

Such emails are considered spam for some people, and they do not wish to receive them.

4. Different Alternatives

There are many alternatives to TextNow that you can try — which we’ll be covering below.

To get started, sign up with your email or Facebook account. The downside of TextMe is that it has ads, just like TextNow, and those ads can get annoying after a while. 

You can check out different TextNow alternatives, test their features, compare their pricing, and choose the one that suits you best.

How To Delete TextNow Account on PC

  1. Go To and login with your account.
  2. From the TextNow Dashboard, click the Settings gear on the left side corner. 
  3. From Settings, click on Account.
  4. Remove or change your personal informations and click Save.
  5. Navigate to Security and Login
  6. Then click on Log Out of all Devices.

How To Delete TextNow Account on Android

  1. Launch the Textnow app on your phone.
  2. Click on the Hamburger menu on Top left corner and Go to settings.
    Textnow Settings To Delete Account
  3. From Settings, scroll down and click Logout.
    Textnow Logout
  4. Uninstall and remove Textnow from your phone.
  5. Remain inactive and dormant.
  6. TextNow will now automatically delete your assigned number.

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How To Delete TextNow Account on iPhone

  1. Open the Textnow app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to the settings by clicking the hamburger menu on the top left corner.
  3. Scroll down to Settings and click Logout.
  4. Uninstall and remove Textnow from your iPhone.
  5. TextNow will delete your number after you remain dormant for three days.

TextNow Alternatives You Should Try

1. Google Voice

Google Voice

The best VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider for personal or business use, and the Best alternative to TextNow is Google Voice.

You can link your Google Voice number to your Gmail account, and it is completely free. A new Google Voice number will be assigned to each Google account you create.

What makes Google Voice stand out is that it’s not just an app but also a website. You can go to to receive or make calls.

Moreover, voicemails are automatically transcribed, so you don’t have to listen to them. 

2. TextMe


TextMe is another great alternative to TextNow. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google PlayStore, making it earn our no. 2 spot. 

TextMe is an easy-to-use messaging application that lets you send unlimited text, voice, pictures, and videos to any mobile number in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and over 40 other countries worldwide for Free. 

Additionally, TextMe is available on the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store.

3. GoDaddy SmartLine

Godaddy smartline

GoDaddy is well-known as a domain name and hosting provider. However, the company also offers a SmartLine service, similar to TextNow. 

SmartLine uses call forwarding to route your calls to your personal number. Also, SmartLine offers toll-free numbers, which TextNow and other phone applications do not have. 

Other than that, it has features such as automatic spam filters and voicemail transcription. Overall, GoDaddy SmartLine is a great option if you want an alternative number for business purposes.

4. Hushed


One of the TextNow alternatives that strongly emphasizes privacy is Hushed. You can use your Hushed number for Craigslist advertisements, on dating websites, and for other purposes instead of keeping it indefinitely, with the option to ‘burn’ your number at a later date.

With Hushed, you can select your area code from over 300 options in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can choose from various prepaid plans lasting seven days, 30 days, 90 days, or 365 days.

However, if you want to make or receive international calls or texts, you have to purchase a worldwide plan.

5. Numero eSIM

numero esim

Numero eSIM offers phone numbers in over 70 countries. TextNow might not be able to obtain a number for you in a given country, but Numero eSIM could be a solution.

Aside from that, you can choose from over 3,000 area codes, and you will not be able to get free numbers, but you can earn free credits. 

Additionally, Numero eSIM software allows users to have unlimited virtual phone numbers from over 80 countries on the same device.


Before you delete your TextNow account, be sure to cancel your subscription.

If you are inactive for a certain time, TextNow automatically deletes your number for you.

Nonetheless, you can access your TextNow account again by simply logging in.

At last, you can try different alternatives of TextNow so you can choose the one you like best.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, you can comment below or feel free to contact us.

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