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How to Cancel Chegg Account in a Minute

Despite no longer using Chegg, Chegg still withdraws money from my bank account. Are you experiencing the same issue? It’s best to cancel your Chegg account if that’s true before your bank account is drained further.

You may have purchased the Chegg subscription out of necessity, or you needed help with your assignment. But if you no longer find it helpful, then you should cancel the subscription. You can also delete your Chegg account if you wish.

Chegg is an educational network where students learn, and tutors earn. The monthly study subscription costs $14.95. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s still expensive for students.

Are you one of those students who want to cancel their Chegg account? Do you need help with it? If so, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will guide you thoroughly on how to cancel a Chegg account in 1 minute.

Chegg Overview

A Chegg account offers students access to online tutoring, textbook rental, mathematics solutions, and other online services. The focus is primarily on the educational development of the students. For access to these services, you will need a Chegg subscription.

Chegg has nearly 5 million subscribers worldwide. This learning platform helps students find instant answers to their questions. Tutors also benefit from this because they are paid. According to Forbes, Chegg is currently worth over $12 billion.

Why should you use Chegg?

It empowers both tutors and students by offering solutions for several problems. There are many uses of Chegg, and these are a few of them.

  1. Buying  or Renting physical textbooks
  2. Helps in solving a mathematical problem
  3. Plagiarism and Grammar checker
  4. Q&A with professionals
  5. Free Guided Solutions
  6. Proofreaders
  7. Blog
  8. Automatic Citations

Chegg’s subscription Plan

Subscription PlanCost per Month
Chegg writing plan$9.95 per month
Chegg Math Solving Plan$9.95$ per month
Chegg Study $14.95 per month
Chegg Study pack$19.95 per month

How to Cancel Your Chegg Account 

It’s well known that Chegg provides a lot of valuable services to its students. However, the subscription-based service only lasts until you have money in your account. 

Alternatively, you may want to move on or no longer find it helpful. So, you need to know how to cancel a Chegg account.

There are two ways of canceling your Chegg Account.

  • Canceling Chegg Account via Chegg Membership
  • Canceling Chegg Account Via Truebill

Canceling Chegg Account via Chegg Membership

This method is preferable and most commonly used. The steps for cancelling your Chegg account are as follows:Open your browser and log in to your Chegg account.

1. Login to your account and Click the orange icon in the Top Right corner.

2. Go to “My Account”.

3. Press “Change/Cancel Membership”.

4. Click on “Pay as you go plan” and Save Changes.

5. Then, Select “Unsubscribe anyway”.

6. Select on any “Reason for Cancellation” and Click Submit.

7. Your Chegg Account is Cancelled Successfully.

Canceling Chegg Account Via Truebill

You may not be familiar with Truebill, but it allows you to cancel the unwanted subscription of any company. You can also cancel your Chegg account using this app. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open your browser and sign up for Truebill.

2. Then you simply need to Connect Your Chegg Account

3. Truebill will detect your subscription automatically.

4. Start the Cancellation Process.

5. Choose a Chegg subscription.

6. Check your email to Confirm The Cancellation.

7. Done! You Chegg Subscription is now cancelled.

How To Post Questions on Chegg?

Follow these steps to post a question on Chegg:

1. Login to your Chegg Account.

2. Click the top of the study menu located at the Top of the page.

3. Visit the Expert Q&A section.

4. Search for your question.

5. You can find you answer there if someone had already answered it.

Final Thoughts

Having a reason to cancel a Chegg account is entirely up to you. If you follow the steps I described above, you’ll be able to do it easily. While Chegg has helped many students, some of them do not find it as helpful.

You should consider canceling the Chegg account if you find the subscription expensive. Nevertheless, it is a great learning platform.

Why do you want to cancel your subscription? Do you think the Chegg subscription is worth it? 

If you have any problems with the cancellation Process. Feel free to comment below.

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