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How To Earn Money With Your New Tech Skills

We’ve become so reliant on technology in our lives that it has become a central part of our lives. It has allowed us to work from anywhere, increased our productivity, and opened doors that were previously closed to us. Whether our major source of income or a supplementary one, we can all benefit from capitalizing on the ever-evolving nature of technology, market trends, and consumer behaviours. In this blog post, we’ll go over different ways you may utilize your smartphone and other technological devices to earn extra money without putting in a lot of effort. Following these guidelines, you need just invest a few hours before seeing financial gains.

Quick Ways To Earn Using Technology

IT professionals are in high demand. Websites and other online content are essential for individuals, groups, and businesses in the modern day. Most of them aren’t capable of or don’t have the motivation to, design and build their own websites. And don’t be concerned if you’ve never used a computer before. The time required to master the essentials is minimal, at most a few weeks. So, in little time at all, you may be working from home or in person thanks to your newly acquired technological expertise and generating money. Let’s look at different ways in which you can start making money right away:

1. Make a Course About Technology

If you’re a newbie looking for a passive income in technology, creating a technology course is a great option. Make an instructional video on a technical subject you know a lot about, such as how to code a little app or website. When people pay to take a course, the creators benefit monetarily.

Making videos, preparing lessons, and arranging classroom materials are all examples of prep labour. Once finished, your technology course will give you an opportunity to generate cash. Getting paying students requires advertising your course. It’s also possible to regularly revise or update your course material.

2. Create an eBook

Are you tech-savvy and can make how-to guides or tutorials? Or do you have a skill to share about your time working in technology? For ongoing financial security, think about publishing an e-book. Royalties from the sale of an ebook are a passive source of revenue.

Writing, editing, and advertising an e-book are all preliminary tasks. Once your e-book is published and available for purchase, you will earn a royalty for each copy sold.

3. Be A Tech Blogger

Whether you’re a complete computer newbie or an experienced professional, starting a blog about your area of expertise is a simple method to generate passive money. When readers make purchases after following a link or entering a referral code that you’ve provided on your site, you’ll earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing’s rising star means more competition. Producing new blog articles and updating existing ones is essential for maintaining affiliate revenue. There isn’t always a lot of legwork involved in starting a technology blog, but it may take some time to build an audience.

4. Make Digital Products

Create a membership site, an ebook, or a course and sell it to those who want to learn from you. You may also publish articles online, snap pictures of your meals and share them on Instagram with a link to your recipe website where customers can buy the supplies. 

The process of creating an eBook might be daunting if you have no idea where to begin; however, there are several websites like Canva that will perform the design work for you.

5. Be A Forex Trader

While living in today’s world, you must know about the prospects of trading digital money. Even if you don’t have prior knowledge about forex trading, you can still make money thanks to AI. Intelligent trading bots allow traders to trade their assets automatically without investing a lot of time and execute complex trading tasks using them. Check out Bit Alpha ai for more information about earning passive income using auto trading bots.

6. Be A Tutor

Online Tutoring is a fantastic way to grow financially using technology. Previously, this had to be done face-to-face, but now, video chat and online teaching platforms are the wave of the future. It simplifies things, streamlines processes, and allows you to work whenever you choose. You can help children with their education while also earning some additional money! Another advantage of online tutoring is that there is no need for a physical classroom.

7. Create a Mobile Application

Those with extensive programming knowledge in the IT industry might use mobile app development to earn passive income. It requires time and technical knowledge to create a mobile app. However, once you have a finished product, you may make repeat sales.

Making money from app sales and in-app purchases is how mobile app creators get paid. For a fee, advertisers may have their adverts included in the app. It is common practice for app developers to conduct maintenance in the form of updates and bug fixes.

8. WordPress plugins and themes for sale

Technical experts that are familiar with WordPress may generate passive income by creating and selling plugins and themes. The developer receives royalties from each theme and plugin sale.

Creating new WordPress templates and add-ons is necessary for this. After that, you’ll continue to see financial success for as long as your products are in demand. WordPress plugins and themes are often sold online, either directly or via a marketplace.

9. Create a video blog on YouTube.

Despite the fact that the world has changed drastically over the last several decades, our need for entertainment has not. It’s a great way to get passive money by uploading a video on YouTube. Avoid having your movie get buried in the many others that are posted every day by making sure it has a unique angle and using strong promotion strategies. 

10. Freelance

Those who are technically savvy might also find success in the freelancing industry. Content creators, writers, designers, and coders may all look for open positions and clients via a variety of online platforms. Management appreciates the versatility of contract workers and the speed with which they can do tasks at a low cost. 


Now you know about seven fantastic ways to generate money with technology; some of them you may already be familiar with, while others may be completely new to you.

You can make money from the gadgets and equipment you couldn’t live without with just a little ingenuity, hard work, and commitment.

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