How To Get Chicken Dinner in PUBG | Best Strategies For PUBG

SAre you tired of losing every match? I know it sucks!! So what’s your reason? Is it because of your failed tactics or because of your stupid teammates?

Oh wait, is it because of your laggy device or slow internet? Haha, trust me, I’ve been there. You must follow the correct tactics to get that sweet victory. That’s right, and we’ve brought you a guide on How To Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG.

If you follow these Tricks and Strategies, then trust me, there’s no stopping you from getting that “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.”

10  Best Strategies To Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winning has never been that easy. You should focus on your entire game and point out your weaknesses first.

Point out what it is! Is it your recoil? Your position? Or your aiming? Well, it’s up to you to figure it out. Then you should master your weakness.

Let’s being with our list of Top 10 Tricks To Get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

1) Choose Your Landing Spots Properly

Your first focus should be on the place where you’re landing. Despite the fact you want to drop at Pochinki, Military Base or School, Also, remember that these places are full of enemies

If you’re just a beginner and learning how to play, then your chances of surviving in these places are very less.

Rather than landing on those places, you should try to land on Malta, Farm, Gatka, Ruins, Ferry Pier, and so on. Just remember to land somewhere with fewer enemies and enough loots.

2) Only Shoot When You Need To

In Mobile, due to a few spaces, there is a chance of misfire and trust me I’ve been there. However, you should try to avoid it.

It will signal enemy your location, and they will rush to kill you. Also, it will waste your ammo, and you might be in a situation when the enemy is in front of you, and you don’t have enough ammo.

Just shoot at a player when you have ensured you can kill him. Otherwise, it will only reveal your position, and an enemy surrounds you in no time.

3) Always Watch Out For The Circle

pubg mobile circle trick

In a moment of looting and chasing enemy, Don’t forget to watch out for the circle. Always focus on the circle and move in before the time ends.

Since some of the first circles are not so dangerous, however, The lesser the ring gets, the more damage you’ll deal with.

Move-in before the enemy and choose some same spots or house to be safe, and if you see enemy, kill them.

4) Enable Peek Controls From Setting

pubg mobile peek controls

Do you know about Peek Controls? You can Tilt your position left or right, just like in the picture.

It will help you to shoot, while the more significant part of your body is still in cover. But make sure not the peek more when enemy have a sniper

You might get a headshot that will instantly knock you down or cause you maximum damage. Only if you have a max undamaged helmet unless it’s AWM Sniper.

5) Never Quit Moving

pubg mobile gameplay

This is basically how I play PUBG. I never quit moving, even when I’m looting. You’ll never know if the enemy is sniping you or behind you.

So keep on moving, it will confuse the enemy and they can’t aim accurately and will miss even if they shoot at you.

If you stay in one position, the odds of your surviving are less. This is one of my best strategies, and Trust me, it works.

6) Always Carry Two Different Guns With You

pubg mobile two guns

What’s your favorite combination of guns? Do you carry two Different AR’s (Assualt Rifles) like Scar-l, M416, AKM, etc.?

Let me tell you about my favorite combination. I always carry one AR and One SR (Sniper Rifle). I use AR for short-range and SR for long-range.

I prefer M416 with Kar98k or M24. This allows me to shoot an enemy in a longer or shorter range, and I hope you’ll use that too.

If you prefer two AR’s then it’s okay, Carry what makes you comfortable. But remember not to carry two AR guns with the same ammo.

With this, I mean, Don’t use a combination of Scar-l and M416 because they both use 5.56 Ammo. Better if you use AKM with M416 or Scar-l.

7) Always Take Cover Before Shooting Enemy

pubg mobile cover

While shooting at enemies, don’t just stand out in the open while trying to aim. Try to take cover before shooting at the enemy/.

Take cover behind a wall, rock, tree, or even a car before you start aiming and shooting.

Shooting while standing in the open not only makes you more vulnerable but also reveals your position to other enemies.

8) Move With Your Teammates

pubg mobile teammates

If you’re playing on Duo or Squad, always walk with your Teammates. As there is saying, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Just follow this moto.

Rushing alone would make you vulnerable. If you knock down one of your enemies, Another will knock you down for sure.

So to avoid getting Gangbanged at the game, make plans and strategies with your teammate and move on.

9) Put Weapons Away While Running

pubg mobile running away

While running or rushing, put your weapons away. It allows you to run faster if you’re struggling to get into the circle.

Also, be aware of your surroundings. If you see any enemies, switch to your weapons and shoot.

But also remember No 2 point, only shoot if you’ve to. So while running or rushing, just put your weapons away to run faster.

10) Keep Stamina Bar Filled

pubg mobile stamina bar

Have you seen the yellow bar at the top of your health bar? Well, it’s known as a stamina bar.

You can fill that bar with energy drinks, pain killers, and adrenaline syringe.

Always keep that full because it allows you to move faster, and also aim quicker to knock down enemies.

Bonus: Don’t Rush For Enemies, Drops Or Loot

If you see any enemies, Airdrops or Loot. Don’t rush for them. The first thing that you’ve to do is analyze the surroundings or analyze your enemy.

For drops and loots, check every nearby Spot and wait patiently for any movements or actions. If there are none, then either enemy is more patient than you, or the way is clear.

For enemies, make sure you analyze them. Suppose their helmet level, vest level, guns they are carrying, their aiming, teammate’s position, and so on.

If you think you can defeat them, then go on. The central part is to point out their weakness and then attack.

Conclusion: How To Win Chicken Dinner in PUBG

So that’s all about how you can win and get winner-winner chicken dinner on pubg.

Make sure that you follow every step and strategy, then play. I’m sure you’ll if you combine and follow all of them.

I hope it had helped, and don’t forget to share this with your PUBG Teammates. And, all the best for your victory for winner-winner chicken dinner on PUBG.

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