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Top 7 Apps to Remodel Your Home with Your Smartphone

Who does not love remodeling their homes? Everyone wants to remodel and renovate their homes and apartments near Denver from time to time.
This behavior is strongly influenced by the DIY culture that we are experiencing. Traditionally giving a new look to your homes requires hiring a professional interior designer for the job, but that can be costly as average senior interior designers charge about $100 to $200 per hour!

For some, this can be overpriced and can overrun the budget you allocate for the renovation purpose to make your home as stylish as these cheap apartments for rent in Orange, CA. The question is, how to remodel your house yourself? Without running over the budget. The answer can be in the palm of your hands; many 3D home remodeling Apps help remodel or build your home. Although for some big renovation projects, you do need professional help, there are smaller projects that you can take into your hands as a challenge. 

Unsure and confused about which color scheme to choose and what the new flooring or furniture may look like. Do not worry; I have listed seven best apps to help you remodel your home. It fits in your hand (smartphone) and will cost you much less than any professional architect would charge. These apps are available on IOS and Android.

App For Wall Color Decision 

We often get confused on what color to choose that would look best; well, there is an app to help you compare colors on walls before deciding among them. Sherwin-Williams developed the color snap app. To visualize the colors.

App For Furniture Picker 

Have you ever faced a situation where you were excited about buying new furniture but only until you brought it home and found out it fit in? That’s the most frustrating moment. Renovating homes can be challenging; the furniture to choose from, which wall is best for wall hangings to the color scheme, can be head-spinning. 

Some apps like Wrapped help you decide on furniture choices, and you can view it from many angles before deciding upon it.

App For Designing Home Floors (Floor Plan)

Floor planners are critical to giving you precise floor measurements, which helps you decide while buying furniture. It helps in designing the interior of the home. You do not need measuring tapes anymore. You can add a table to the floor plan and view it from different angles. 

Need a hand? (Handy app)

Sometimes we can not handle a situation ourselves and need an extra hand; in such cases, luckily, for any home refit or improvement jobs, Handy can be used. A handy app in some cities allows you to book a professional for help. It works the same as uber you book a professional for service, from electricians to cleaners.

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Help in Decor (Morpholio Board)

This board was developed by interior designers themself it is a total game-changer. It allows you to plug in furniture or accessories from renowned brands like Herman, Miller, 3Form into your space, which helps you decide what to buy. 

Color Libraries For Home 

Pantone is an app with a library of all standardized colors that makes it convenient to choose among colors and convey to professionals. It also has the same features as the adobe capture color: it can identify color from snap and generates palettes.

Capture Color

Do you ever like the color on any object or photo and want to use them for remodeling your home? But you have no idea what the color is? Think no further. There is an app that can do it! Adobe color capture.  All you have to do is snap the color or object open the snap-in adobe color capture app. 

The apps mentioned above can help you renovate and remodel your homes where you will be the master of the project. From floor to color decision to furniture, apps are available in the palm of your hand (your smartphone), which will cost you far less than any architecture would.

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