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8 Best Places to Get a Programming Degree

Getting a degree in the field of computer science and programming is a dream for many students. Learning programming allows building a perfect career in the future. The other side of a dream education is challenging assignments and stress because of the inability to complete them on time. By getting help from experts in programming, students can receive working tips for developing, homework assistance, and sufficient support.

Many educational establishments offer educational programs in coding. Here are the best of them

1. Oregon State University

This public research university stands out among the places to get a programming degree because of its vast programs. There are more than two hundred certifications and learning programs to choose from in terms of the university’s two campuses. Students can learn any area of programming, including software development, mobile app development, and others. Among the obligated terms of enrollment is a completed high school education confirmed by a diploma.

2. Penn State World Campus

The main focus of this educational establishment’s programming degrees is around engineering and computer science. There is an opportunity to learn computer programming, software security, and more. University also has a solid basis for full-time online classes established long ago in 1988. There are varieties of practical projects that students compete in terms of programming classes.

3. Southern New Hampshire University

One of the most prominent private universities in the region that welcomes more than a hundred thousand students annually, counting online classes. A vast campus can accommodate more than 3,000 offline students. There are learning programs concentrated on Python, C++, Java, and other widespread coding languages. Students can learn software development, software engineering, project management from scratch.

4. Arizona State University-Skysong

This is a big public university that has connections with NASA. Students who enroll in this educational establishment have an opportunity to participate in NASA development projects. More than 20 thousand students are enrolling annually to take part in learning programs in program development, systems management, math, programming languages, and more. Students work on their projects in small groups. 

5. Davenport University

The educational establishment with reach history works as a private university. There are several courses related to the programming area to get a degree in this field. Students can select one of three main directions to learn. Gaming lab concentrates on design, artificial intelligence option learns the peculiarities of AI, and computer theory concentrates on algorithms and simulations. Students learn database design, data communications, networks, and more in a chosen course. A high school diploma is obligatory for enrollment.

6. University of Illinois at Springfield

There are a lot of courses to choose in aim to get a programming degree in this educational establishment. Students can select software engineering, systems security, programming languages, structures and algorithms, operating systems, and many other fields. To enroll, a potential applicant has to finish high school and confirm his or her GPA level non lower than 2.0.

7. Baker College

Computer science and programming degrees of Baker College is aimed to train students in the area of advanced programming and code architecture. Students learn such fields related to programming as artificial intelligence, algorithms, databases, and more. There is a strong basis enabling online learning. The college has offered online classes since 1994 and has multiple online students enrolling annually. Educational programs include long-term professional practice.

8. Hodges University

This educational establishment offers various programming degrees. Students have a choice to study cybersecurity, software development, or information technologies. There are such sub-areas of study as gaming development and design, web development, mobile apps development, etc. Potential students require a high school diploma to apply. 

We hope you got the information about the best places to get a programming degree. We wish you luck!

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