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Why Bill Gates Prefers Android over iPhone

Microsoft co-founder and the third richest person on the planet as of right now has revealed that he still prefers Android phones over iPhone. In his recent interview with the clubhouse, he said, “I would choose an android phone rather than iPhone.”

Bill Gates replied to a reporter saying due to its pre-installed Microsoft software, and it makes it easy for him to use the phone properly and easily.

In the interview, Mr. Gates talked about many things such as the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing public craze about bitcoin, and environmental issues.

He has already donated more than billions to the coronavirus vaccine and to different charity which shows how great a person he is. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t invest in bitcoin because it isn’t real wealth.

The reason why Bill Gates Prefer Android over iPhone

In his recent interview conducted on the voice-only Clubhouse app, he revealed that he still choose Android over iPhone because the pre-installed Microsoft software makes things easy for him, so he loves to use the Android phone.

People were amazed by his answer about it. People have trolled him over social media after this take. But he does have his own opinion, and he is entitled to his opinion. He has reignited the iPhone vs. Android phone once again.

Bill Gates still regrets how he handled Microsoft’s own phone in 2017, which led to a nearly 500 billion dollar loss. Google took over the android and revolutionized the way android was made, and brought new versions to the market.


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