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5 Best Content Writing Tools To Help You Become Better Writer

Content writing tools make the writing process easy and streamlined for writers from beginning to end. No matter what you are composing, be it a blog, article, research paper, journal, novel, or any piece of text for the web, writing tools help you in all.

This post will mention the best content writing tools to help you out in writing. But before getting into that, you have to understand how these tools are important and how they work.

How do content writing tools help in the writing process?

Using content writing tools, you can:

Improve the quality of your content

Your text will be more polished and free of grammatical and structural faults, which, as a result, improves the overall quality of your content. Consequently, readers will find your content more engaging and worth giving it a read. 

Come up with fresh content ideas

You may uncover the topics that your audience is interested in using any tool. Nothing can beat up the fresh ideas and well-written material that connects with your audience, and it is only possible with keyword research

Produce content in bulk 

The article rewriting tools help you regenerate already published content and save precious time. The advanced paraphrasing tools have made writing so easy for writers. Writers can now generate content in bulk by simply using paraphrasing tools. 

You will be more consistent  

The online tools help you write fast, and you will be more consistent in creating unique content every week. In addition, your content is free of all kinds of errors, so that there is no need to recheck your content again and again.  

Consistent content that answers your audience’s concerns and keeps them engaged is also a great way to make readers their loyal customers (particularly if you are writing for a business website).

Moreover, these online tools often have a feature to compare two documents. This feature can be incredibly helpful in ensuring the originality of your content. For instance, if you’re drafting a new article or blog post, you can compare it to previous works to avoid unintentional repetition of ideas or phrasing.

Plagiarism free content 

There are numerous plagiarism checker tools out there that check your content for duplication and all other types of plagiarism. Passing your content through a plagiarism checker helps you detect the originality of your content. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best content writing tools below to make content writing easier for you and be a professional content writer.

Best Content Writing Tools  

You can use a variety of helpful content writing tools to find and correct your most obvious mistakes, as well as structure your thoughts and ideas so that you can express them more effectively.

1. Google Docs


First on the list is google docs, a free web-based writing tool that offers to create, editing and store your document and spreadsheets. Google docs are associated with your Google account; thus files can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. In short, this writing tool is the best and the most powerful writing tool for content writers. The below-mentioned features are the proof of this big statement.

  • Suggestion mode

You can change editing mode to the suggestion that allows google docs to track changes just like Microsoft word. This feature shows the color-coded suggestions with a brief comment so that you can make changes accordingly.

  • Tag someone in the comment

This is the most unique feature it has, tagging someone in your document file is not something so common. However, you can tag someone here by tabbing on @email address and he/she will receive a notification via email.

  • Add more fonts

You will find out the hundreds of font styles to choose from. Set your font style according to your preferences or requirements and you are good to go.

  • Restore the revision history

Did you miss something because you removed it from your file? do not worry, its restore revision feature will save your file’s previous version and save your time rewriting it.

  • Explore meanings

One of the most useful features is that it explores Google and comes up with the most suitable meanings of a selected term. you can use this feature as a thesaurus or dictionary.

2. Grammarly


Grammarly does exactly what its name indicates, it is the most top-rated grammar checker tool and has worldwide popularity. It assists content writers to detect and fix grammar mistakes while and comes up with error-free content. 

Grammarly serves as the most advanced writing assistant tool for content writing. It highlights spell mistakes and poorly structured sentences and allows content writers to make their writing more readable, unique, and error-free. The following mentioned features it offers to do so. 

  • Checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation

First thing first, this tool is developed for checking and correcting the grammar mistakes from the texts. All forms of grammatical, spellings and punctuation mistakes can easily be caught by this tool.

  • Detects tone 

This unique feature helps writers to make their writing tone according to demands. It offers you to choose the friendly, confident, concerned, professional, and formal writing tones before composing or checking a piece of text. 

  • Provides synonyms 

It is an amazing feature that suggests synonyms of selected terms thus there is no need to have a dictionary or thesaurus in hand. 

  • AI powered 

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing tool to streamline the writing process. Simply, this tool examines a piece of text and suggests adjustments or ideas that you may accept or reject with a single mouse click.

  • Generates report

Grammarly provides a digital report that may be shared with a teammate or proofreader. The written piece of text can be improved by using the suggestions and information it gives.

3. Plagiarism Checker


A digital plagiarism checker scans and compares your content through millions of content files available on the web on major search engines.  

To check plagiarism, it uses the most sophisticated algorithm to discover duplicated or paraphrased text in your content so that you can eliminate it before publishing. 

Plagiarized lines are highlighted and the original source(s) of the material is provided with the results. Free plagiarism checker tool will provide you with the following details in the results 

  • percentage of plagiarized text
  • percentage of unique content
  • exact phrase match
  • original matched sources
  • paraphrased match percentage
  • Unique content 

It is the best tool to use to ensure that your content is original and unique, the most important factor in content writing.  

  • Upload a file

Simply, copy-paste your text or upload a file from your device and check plagiarism. Yes, it is that simple. 

  • Chrome extension available 

You can download its chrome extension for your ease. 

  • The deep search algorithm

It gives 100 percent original results in the final report by using the most advanced deep search technology. 

  • Multiple language support 

You can check plagiarism in files available in a different language as it supports French, Dutch, Spanish, and other languages.

4. Article rewriter


This article rewriting tool plays a significant role in rewriting or rephrasing your content and saving your precious time. Content writers often find it hard to meet deadlines so they need a helping hand for writing fast in bulk. 

Simply copy-paste your content and it will rephrase for you by changing words with their most appropriate synonyms and flipping sentences, giving it a new, fresh and unique look. 

  • AI technology 

The most advanced AI technology helps writers automatically generate content for them that is original and fresh. 

  • Word changer

It detects the words and changes them with best-suited synonyms without changing their meaning. 

  • Plagiarism free content

As it is an AI-based rewriting tool, so it comes with the most human-readable content thus the content is 100 percent plagiarism-free. 

  • Simple to use 

The tool has a user-friendly interface and you do not need any registration or login details to use it. 

5. BuzzSumo Blog Ideas 


This is another content writing tool for writers that generate the best quality content insight and comes up with unique blog ideas for your writing and collaborates with other successful influencers. Its free basic version enables you to search a topic or keyword and suggests the top-rated blogs in front of you.

Content writers and editors love using this tool as it allows them to check their content, boost up their productivity and success. It has the following features that ensure the best results.

  • Content discovery 

You just type a word or topic; it will show the best blogs on it. 

  • Content research 

Its strong database has hundreds and millions of articles, blogs, journals or papers that help you find the best one for assistance. 

  • Monitoring 

The tool also allows writers to track what is happening in the online world. What are people writing about and what are your readers concerned about? 

  • Chrome extension 

As it comes for free, you can add its chrome extension to your computer and enjoy using it anytime you need help. 

  • APIs

Its strong APIs help writers in tracking content performances, reporting clients, and developing other web applications. 

The Takeaway 

The above-mentioned content writing assisting tools can help you in your creative efforts but in reality, you are alone accountable for the successful final outcome. Being a writer, it is hard to give time to every tiny detail such as grammar and spell mistakes. 

Here the technology can help you. Content writing tools save you a lot of time and energy but bear in mind that the content creator’s brain is the most important thing that can beat any digital tool or technology easily. 

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