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How Can Tech Bloggers Promote Their Instagram Page in 2023? 4 Effective Tools to Use

Today the development process on Instagram cannot go without some help from the side – even tech bloggers, who post very helpful content that interests people of different ages and aims, have to turn to some pro services to boost them. In this article, we’re going to review one effective strategy of promotion that consists of several stages and 4 effective tools that you should use while following it.

In 2021, Instagram continued to be an essential platform for tech bloggers to grow their audiences, expand their reach, and make sure they are seen. The platform lends itself well to tech-related topics, with many topics like AI, robotics, coding, and cybersecurity fitting comfortably within the visual social media channel. Much like other social media channels, the key to success is adaptability and strategy. The way users interact with Instagram a few years ago is different than it is now, so tech bloggers need to be able to continually update their strategies to make the most of their presence.

Of course, there are many ways to build your following, but did you know that you can buy Instagram followers? It can be a great way to launch your account with a dramatic boost and validate the legitimacy of your account to potential customers and followers.

That being said, buying Instagram followers isn’t the only way to get ahead on Instagram. You must also work hard and follow a few best practices. Posting quality content and engaging with potential followers is of utmost importance.

Where to Begin

First, you should have a content plan beside you – this is stage one: realizing what you’re going to post, how you’re going to post it, and which parts of it will be monetized later. These parts should be excluded from daily posting and put in a certain isolated position, where people are going to see only the teasing parts of it: for example, a tech blogger might be guided on how to buy certain gadgets, personal pro recommendation lists or even your own gadgets that you’re willing to promote and sell on Insta. The content that is going to be free should work as a warmer for the paid content and should be planned ahead, preferably for days and weeks. 

After you’re done planning, you can use your first promotional tools: and the very first one of these should be using a chance to buy real Instagram followers – why so we’re going to tell further. 

Why Buy Subs if You Can Gain Them Yourself 

This is true – you can, but the efforts you’re going to put into this process and the time will be basically wasted over nothing. You could be creating selling posts and talking to your audience/clients, and here you are, hanging online, trying to make people subscribe to you. Don’t do that: today, promotional websites give so many opportunities to automate your development that it isn’t worth ignoring these chances.

Bought followers will assure other people that your content is worth their attention and time – which is the most valuable thing you can get online. Paid subs will make your profile bulletproof; no matter the situation, your page will still grow and look like a resource that is loved, supported, and viewed daily. You can stumble on your posting routine, and you can have difficulties with collaborations and other boosting actions, but the number of your subscribers will still grow and prove to random visitors that your posts are worth checking out. 

What Else Can You Do 

For a tech, blogger reviews are extremely important – and if you’d have to buy every gadget you’re going to review, you’ll soon be completely broke. Nobody wants that, and this is why you have to learn how to collaborate from the very beginning, meaning – how to make brands sponsor you and/or sell you their stuff to review. It takes time, and sometimes the path to these collaborations is very twisted – you might have to contact the bloggers who are in contact with these brands first, collaborate with them, and this way, become visible in the field you’re willing to work in. In some cases, direct addressing works great, it is going to solely depend on the type of people who work in the PR department of the brand you’re willing to contact. 

However, you should remember that working with bloggers and brands and targeted ads should become the two most important units of your promotional kit – surely, paid subs are going to help, but in order to attract people who are going to be sincerely interested in your posts you have to work hard yourself. 

When is the Right Time for the Targeted Ad 

Targeted ads should be launched at the very “end” of your first promotional campaign. We put an end in quotes because the promotion of an ambitious page should never end – you should always have a targeted ad running because this is the only way you can never fall out of your potential audience’s sight. Yes, it might get pricey, so you can lower the audience reach from time to time, but you should never stop the process completely.


Also, by investing in buying Instagram profile visits and followers, you can get the exposure you need to jumpstart your Instagram growth and success. Having a larger number of followers helps create the perception that you have a legitimate, active account, and your posts will start to appear regularly in search results and on users’ timelines.

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