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How to Increase Your Performance Using AI Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have so much potential that the industry is expected to generate more than $422 billion by 2028.

This technology is so popular because it can help us in different areas of our lives, including personal and professional ventures. 

In short, AI tools can:

  • Save you time and effort;
  • Help you understand simple texts in foreign languages;
  • And be accessed through internet-capable devices. 

In this article, we share ten ways that AI can help boost your performance in business and improve your personal life. 

1. Research Volume and Quality

Whether you’re looking for a new home or completing a work project, you need to do some research beforehand. 

However, the internet is packed with an immense amount of information, so tracking down the right resource can take a lot of effort.

To simplify the process, you can use AI tools to do the heavy lifting and find the information you need. 

Then you can sieve through and filter the information manually because data retrieved from the AI tools needs fact-checking. 

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2. Energy Efficiency and Costs

How can AI help you lower energy efficiency and costs? 

AI is now a resource that helps create smart electric grids for a more efficient energy supply. 

Depending on your location, you can find a power supplier that uses a smart grid, increase energy consumption efficiency levels, and leverage AI to get better results. 

AI is not only revolutionizing the energy sector but also transforming mundane office tasks. For instance, the use of invoice processing OCR software has become prevalent, automating and streamlining the management of billing documents.

This application of AI ensures that errors are minimized, and administrative tasks become more efficient, mirroring the advancements in the energy sector. 

3. Digital Security

AI and machine learning (ML) models have been used to develop and test online security platforms. 

In this context, AI is used to identify vulnerabilities, conduct large-scale testing, and monitor access points across a large platform. 

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of AI in cybersecurity, look into companies that embrace and use ML or similar technology. You may use one of the Cyber Monday VPN deals to broaden your search and access resources otherwise blocked or restricted in your area. 

4. Automation of Business Processes

Sending thank you messages, informing customers that their order is shipped, and helping users create an online account—all of these are common processes you complete daily to support a successful business.

AI allows you to automate many repetitive yet necessary tasks, including the ones listed above. Moreover, because AI supports integration, this technology can help you complete processes that require multiple platforms. 

5. Engagement and Entertainment Through Personalization

If you are engaged with an activity, you’re more likely to enjoy it and complete it faster. 

The problem is that, even if you’re doing something you’re engaged in, it doesn’t mean that monotonous tasks become any less monotonous. 

AI is a great way to keep you engaged and entertained even while at work. And the way it does this is through personalization. 

Take Siri or any other smartphone AI assistant. You can use them to schedule calls, send messages, and complete other tasks while receiving personalized tips and suggestions. 

Asking Siri why the sky is blue or what did you do to deserve this boring task will make it more bearable, trust me.

6. Planning and Other Financial Tasks

Managing your personal finances is crucial. Depending on your career, you may use your financial talent to succeed at your job. The good news is that AI can also improve your performance in this area. 

There are many great examples of financial planning solutions on the market that are currently using AI. 

Some platforms use AI for simple tasks, like analyzing financial documents. Others rely on this technology to handle more advanced tasks, like creating detailed financial models. 

7. Completing Simple and Complex Tasks Without Assistance 

Customer experience pundits have been beating the self-service drum for decades. 

Simply put, the idea is that people are happy to take care of their own issues, so companies need to ensure that these customers have the right self-service tools available. 

Like phone and internet technology, AI is transforming the idea of what’s possible through self-service channels. 

Modern chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and similar AI tools allow you to complete all types of tasks without spending hours waiting for a human assistant.   

How Do Business Owners Perceive AI?

As with other disruptive technology, some businesses met AI with some resistance, a lot of which has come from professionals who aren’t certain how this technology will impact their field. 

Similar trends in history suggest that these professionals will embrace AI and see it as a valuable resource once they understand its full potential. 

Business owners may already see it that way. 

Research suggests that 7 out of 10 executives see AI as a valuable resource, with 55% thinking it can be used to boost productivity and promote growth. 

AI can also boost return on investment metrics by as much as 20%, which may be enough to motivate some skeptics to try this new tool. 

AI Tools You Can Use to Simplify Your Day-to-Day Tasks

Today, there are many types of AI tools that you can use to improve your performance and overall productivity. Platforms like these can help you complete personal and work-related tasks more efficiently. 

  • Personal assistants;
  • Generative AI tools;
  • Scheduling systems;
  • Expense management apps;
  • Text proofreading and grammar correction. 


Pundits expect AI technology’s value and overall impact to skyrocket in the next few decades for good reasons. 

The countless potential applications of AI technology make it one of the most exciting technologies to watch and implement in your personal and professional routine. 

AI tools can help you conduct research quickly and complete many other tasks more easily. 

For example, you can work with energy providers and digital security experts leveraging AI for better services. 

There are many AI tools out there and many more to come, so stay tuned and test different tools until you build the perfect personal technology stack. 

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