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What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?

Did you just come across “Other Snapchatters” in your Snapchat story?

Now, You may be wondering what does it mean?

If you are a beginner Snapchat user, seeing “Other Snapchatters” in your story viewers can be quite confusing at first.

When I used this app for the first time, I was also confused by the term “Other Snapchatters.” But I finally figured out what it means. And I will share it with you now.

Are you curious to know what this means? 

In this article, we will find out what Other Snapchatters mean on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world. Snap Inc developed it.  

The app allows users to share photos, videos, and drawings. This app is primarily popular among the younger generation.

According to backlinko, Snapchat has over 293 million daily users worldwide. And you are one of them. 

A core concept of the mobile app is that any picture, video, or message you send by default is only accessible for a limited period of time before disappearing.

When you snap a photo of yourself with a rainbow-puking AR lens on, it will vanish forever after the friend opens it.

Initially, the app was intended to have a temporary or ephemeral nature to encourage more natural interaction flows.

Just like other social media, you can do multiple things on snapchat. For instance, one of the most popular thing that we do is any me anything story on Social Media.

On snapchat, you can do many things, just like on other social media platforms. For instance, “Ask me anything” concept began on Reddit, but now it’s popping up in other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Here’s an article on How to do ask me anything on Snapchat if you’re interested in doing an AMA challenge on Snapchat.

What Does Other Snapchatters Mean on Snapchat?

When you try to see Snapchat’s story views, you can see Other Snapchatters

“Other Snapchatters” are people you didn’t add or who blocked or removed you as a friend in Snapchat. 

If you are no longer friends with a certain user, but if they view your story, they would be displayed as “Other Snapchatters.”

Snapchat has yet to give detailed information on Other Snapchatters, but one of its users once tweeted’ What does “Other Snapchatters” mean on story views.

To which they replied:

As you can see, they haven’t given any thorough information about it.

So, what does this exactly mean?

Being a Snapchat user since 2018, I know quite a bit about the app. Hence, I want to share that knowledge with you. 

Does Other Snapchatters Mean Block?

If someone has blocked you after viewing your story, the users will be shown as “Other Snapchatters” in your story viewers list. 

You must Remember that “Other Snapchatter” will only appear if the person has viewed your story before blocking you. 

In other words, those who block you on Snapchat will no longer appear under regular/normal viewers. These Snapchatters will be shown under “Other Snapchatters.”

Do Other Snapchatters Mean Peoples You Haven’t Added?

When someone has sent you a Snapchat request and hasn’t responded yet, they will be displayed as “Other Snapchatters” on your story.

If your Snapchat account is public, anyone who sees your story will also be listed as “Other Snapchatters.”

However, the Snapchatters you have added will appear as normal story viewers. 

Why does it say “Other Snapchatters” but you’re still friends?

If Snapchat says “Other Snapchatters,” but you are still friends, the person/user may have blocked you on Snapchat. 

Or, they might have removed you from their list of friends, which you may not know about. 

Therefore, if it says “Other Snapchatters” but you’re still friends, then know that they have blocked you.

Is it possible to find out who “Other Snapchatters” are? Luckily, there is a way out, which we’ve mentioned in this article.

How To See Who Other Snapchatters Are?

There are three simple ways to find Other Snapchatters:

  1. As we discussed, the person will be shown in your story as “other Snapchatter”. 
    Snapchat will hide your account from someone who has blocked you, so they won’t be able to see your story. 
    As a result, they won’t be displayed in your stories anymore. 
  1. If you see a “Pending” status then it means that the user has either blocked or removed you as a friend. 
  1. A “gray arrow” under a person in your chat list indicates that you have been blocked. 

How To Remove or Delete Other Snapchatters

If you do not want “Other Snapchatters” to appear in your story, you can remove or delete them.

You can either start with the “Remove Friend” option on Snapchat.


Or you can just block them, and their name won’t appear anymore in your story. 


However, you can unblock them again if you want them to see your story again.


What does it mean when it says other Snapchatters have seen your story?

Whenever it says other Snapchatters have seen your story, it means users who are no longer friend with you have seen your story. Maybe they blocked you or removed you as their friends.

How do you see who viewed your Snapchat Story 2022?

They can be seen through your story. Go to the viewer’s section in your story. You will then be able to see who viewed your Snapchat story.

Can you see who stalks you on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, you can’t see who stalks you on Snapchat. Snapchat doesn’t display who stalks your profile. In order to protect its users’ privacy, it does not show their personal information.

Why Can’t I Click on the “Other Snapchatters” Profile?

The users who appear in your “other Snapchatters” section might have blocked you or removed you after seeing your story. That’s why you can’t open their profile.


If you’re new to Snapchat, you may be curious about learning new features.

Among those, “Other Snapchatters” might be the one. Perhaps you saw this in your story. 

Therefore, I hope we’ve covered everything you should know about the term “Other Snapchatters” in this article. It will take time to get to know all the features of Snapchat, but eventually, you’ll learn it.

This is it, for now, folks. If you still have any further questions, please let us know in the comments. We’ll respond to you shortly.

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