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Twitter IP Address Lookup

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and has more than 100 million monthly active users. With tons of users, sometimes it’s hard to know who’s a real person, a spam bot, or a person pretending to be someone else. The good news is that it’s not impossible to find someone’s identity when you find their IP address on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Twitter makes it difficult to find someone’s IP address because that information is kept private. So, you’ll have to get creative with the information you find on Twitter and run it through an email lookup tool. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about the process below. 

What Is an IP Address?

An IP address is an internet protocol address, which is used to identify devices on an online network. IP Addresses are usually a string of numbers and letters and they’re unique to the network that you’re using. Some devices may have the same IP address, which is the case when you’re within a closed network like at work. IP Addresses can also change, and you can change them for laptops and mobile devices depending on your service provider.

What Can You Learn From an IP Address?

There’s a lot you can learn from someone’s IP address. In fact, you can find their general location and online identity. IP addresses are also important to know if you want to connect devices to the same network address translation (NAT). Simply put NATs have many devices connected to a network that uses the same IP address for all devices. Knowing an IP address can help you enter this network.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address on Twitter?

No, you can’t find someone’s IP address on Twitter. Twitter keeps the data of its users private, which means you won’t have access to this information. The only information you’ll find about someone on Twitter is information they keep public. Fortunately, you can use some of the information you find about someone on Twitter to learn more about them with a people search engine.

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How to Find Someone’s IP Address

IP addresses aren’t impossible to find when you know where to look. Ultimately, you’ll need some personal information about the person you’re searching for, and Twitter is a great place to start. The first step is to find the Twitter user you want to learn more about. Then, visit his profile to learn about their name, email, phone number, or address. Some people may have some or all of this information available on their page. From there, let do the rest.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address Using

People search tools are the best tool you have at your disposal for finding IP addresses. These search engines work well because you can find a lot of information about someone, even if you don’t know everything about them. For example, all you need to use is their name, phone number, address, or email.

That said, it’s best to use someone’s email address when you’re looking for their IP address. To find someone’s IP address with their email just use’s Email Lookup Tool.

To use the tool effectively, follow the steps we list below.

  1. Visit and select the “Email Lookup Tool”
  2. Enter the individual’s email address and any additional information you know about them.
  3. Click “Search.”
  4. Scroll through the results.
  5. Open the “Full Report” when you find the person you’re looking for.

Once you access the full report you can find information like their IP address, phone number, full name, address, and much more. In fact, is one of the most comprehensive tools around and even gives you access to other public records including criminal records and court records.

Is Finding Someone’s IP Address Legal?

Yes, it’s legal to find someone’s IP address when you follow the guidelines provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Legally, IP addresses are public information because they’re used whenever your computer communicates with a network. Therefore, websites you visit and other servers may have access to your IP address. The only time it’s illegal to run a search on someone is if you’re running a background check on an employee or domestic help or using their information to stalk them.

Find Someone’s IP Address Today

IP addresses are one of the hardest things to find about someone, especially when you’re looking on platforms like Twitter. It’s hard to find an IP address on Twitter because that information is kept private, but the good news is that will help you find the information you’re looking for fast.

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