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14 Best Online Video Intro Makers You Should Try in 2022

Did you know that almost 33% of viewers stop watching a video after 30 seconds because it isn’t captivating enough to hold their attention?

Yes, 33%! When it comes to online videos, the first impression is indeed the last impression.

If the introduction is not powerful and fascinating, the viewer won’t even bother to watch the rest of the video. So, it isn’t wrong to say that the introduction is the most crucial part of the video. A well-thought-out introduction will capture the viewer’s attention and ensure they see the full video. Therefore, it is essential to use an intro maker to make an engaging and compelling video

When it comes to creating an attention-grabbing introduction for your next video, there’s no better way than with an intro maker. Intros are the first thing viewers see when they watch a video, and they can make or break the entire experience. Whether you’re making a promotional video for your business, a tutorial video for your YouTube channel, or a video series for your Instagram, you need an intro that stands out from the crowd.

Fortunately, there are a number of great free online video editors that provide easy-to-use intro makers. With these tools, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create a custom intro for your video content. Here are some of the best intro makers that you can use to create an eye-catching introduction for your video:

Best Online Intro Makers

1. Adobe Spark

adobe spark

With a bit of art and a smidge of science, Adobe Spark is undoubtedly the best intro maker in the business. Its multitude of tools and features will give your video’s introduction a professional look for a lasting impact.

Adobe Spark gives you the option to pick from thousands of texts and images. You can choose your introduction from a premium theme and then personalize it according to your taste and requirements. One magical tap could change your experience in video editing forever. 

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2. Wondershare Filmora


Wondershare Filmora is one of the most beautiful editing tools and is backed by a wide range of powerful editing tools. To create a fascinating introduction, Filmora gives you elite features such as 4K editing support, GIF support, Noise removal, Video stabilization & many other.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface of Filmora’s intro maker makes it a breeze for users to take advantage of its sheer versatility and multiple features. This is indeed among the platforms you shouldn’t miss.

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3. InVideo

There is nothing to beat this tool if you are looking for an intro maker with the best features. The flexibility and intelligence InVideo provides makes it a relatively simple task to create a stand-out introduction. This tool contains over 2,000 customized templates, a simple, easy-to-use Interface, IVA (Intelligent Video Assistant), voice-over & many more features.  

With easy customizations, intelligent video assistants, and multiple other features, It has everything required to allow a novice to create an intro video like a pro. Therefore, choosing this tool guarantees you will create a long-lasting first impression.

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4. Promo

Promo is another fantastic tool that you can use to make professional videos in minutes and promote anything. It is suitable for both businesses and agencies and promoters, allowing them to create loads of videos and visual content.

There are a lot of exciting features in Promo, including ready-made templates, text styles, and the largest online media library. Users can upload video content into the editing tool, add the user’s logo and brand information to the video, animate texts, and choose filters and colors from available options.

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5. Panzoid


Panzoid is one of the best online video makers to create an introduction with custom content for the online community. Its best feature is that it allows users to create highly customized introductions. It allows users to either begin by choosing from multiple templates or to start their introduction from scratch.

Panzoid is quite an interactive sort of intro maker that is comparatively easy to use. It is available in both paid and free versions. 

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6. Videobolt

If you need speed, look no further than Videobolt. This intro maker makes it possible to create an introduction in minutes, while its unique features ensure that the introduction will capture your viewer’s eyes.

Its 1500-plus premium video templates, easy downloading and publishing capabilities, alongside many other features, make it easy to create a solid first impression. So, make your video count with Videobolt’s attention-grabbing features.

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7. FlexClip

The FlexClip online video maker lets you create marketing videos, social media videos, tutorials, animated explainer videos, trailers, birthday videos, wedding videos, and family videos in minutes. You can create videos in seconds by selecting from thousands of video templates.

Among the templates are those related to education, real estate, business, shop, wedding, and birthday. You can enhance your video’s engagement with dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements.

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8. Canva

There is perhaps no better way to capture your audience’s attention than using Canva. The features of this intro maker include an easy, fun drag-and-drop approach to prepare an introduction video in a few minutes. Canva’s library of premium and high-quality audio tracks, as well as its collection of animated motion graphics, will spoil you for choice. It also has a wide array of beautiful illustrations, typography, and stock footage to choose from. 

Canva covers all the bases when it comes to creating an introduction that your audience will cherish. In short, Canva makes it easier to get your brand recognized.

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9. Renderforest

Renderforest is one of the most popular web-based, all-in-one design platforms. It gives you the flexibility to work on your video using any operating system or browser. However, one can’t use Renderforest without the internet. 

Renderforest’s catalog of more than 50,000 video intro templates, which you can customize according to your choice, is noteworthy. Moreover, this intro maker gives you the capability to create an introduction within minutes. It has both paid and unpaid subscriptions that have pretty unique features.

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OFFEO is a free intro maker and is perfect for those who want to have multiple options. It has thousands of templates and graphical elements that range from simple doodles to high-quality images. The templates are even arranged in categories such as intros, outros, and logos, making it very easy to make a video.

With OFFEO by your side, you can create an intro video in a snap. It gives your video a natural aesthetic sense that will make it a hit among viewers. 

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11. Placeit

PlaceIt by Envato is one of the best intro makers with a creative punch in all aspects. Its 20,000-plus templates are categorized, and a wide array of music tracks will make your intro videos unique. A logical and straightforward interface makes Placeit an intro maker with no complexities. 

However, its main drawback is that it has no free version. But, if you are ready to spend a little, there is nothing better than Placeit.

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12. IntroCave

IntroCave is another video intro maker that helps you choose from hundreds of customizable video templates. These templates are highly specialized in terms of design and traditional logo reveal. IntroCave also gives you the ability to add music to your introduction videos. 

IntroCave might not be as popular as its competitors, but that is not because of a lack of quality features.

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13. Biteable

Biteable’s features, speed, and ease-of-use will fast-track your journey from beginner to master. Its unpaid version has somewhat limited options but is worth considering if you don’t want to spend money.

Biteable is one of the leading video intro makers and promises a masterpiece in minutes. Its thematic groupings allow you to choose the types of videos you want to produce. 

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14. Animaker

Animaker is a free intro maker that boasts of the world’s most extensive animation library and creates vertically optimized videos ideal for smartphones. It is a web-based platform that runs on Adobe Flash. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface with a pro-level camera, transition effects, a wide array of background tracks and sound effects, as well as the ability to import voiceovers and soundtracks. 

Animaker has both paid and unpaid versions that you can choose from based on your ability and willingness to spend money. 

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Use These Online Intro Makers

These are some of the best online video intro makers of 2021. Each of them has advantages and drawbacks. But, crucially, each of them also has essential features to make a captivating introduction for your video. The ideal one for you depends on your requirements, but each one guarantees intro videos with a lasting first impression! Review each of them and select the one that best matches your needs.

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