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How To Download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft

Windows 10 is now the most used Windows OS after Windows 7. Microsoft has made available users to download Windows 10 ISO files directly from their official website. Although, it might force you to download the windows media creation tool if you’re already running Windows OS. Here you’ll learn a way for Windows 10 Free Download.

So, Here’s the idea. If you use any other OS except Windows, then you can easily download Windows 10 iso file. But, if you use a Windows machine, you can’t. We’ve to trick and make our browser pretend as if it is another OS.

It does beg the question, How do we do it? Well, it’s actually quite simple. We’ve brought two different ways on how you can download windows 10 iso file directly from Microsoft.

2 Ways To Download Windows 10 ISO File from Microsoft

windows 10 iso 64 bit download

The first method is quite old and popular. You can find a Tutorial from years back to download Windows 10 iso file from Microsoft. As popular as it might be, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore now.

At least, not for me. But don’t you worry about it? We’ve brought you a new method which still works and will work for a long, long time. So, discuss both ways to download Windows 10 iso file.

Windows 10 Official ISO File Download Link: Click Here

User-Agent Switching Method

As we discussed above, If you’re using Windows, we’ve to trick Windows into thinking that we’re using other machines. We can do this by switching the User-Agent of the browser. Use the following links to download the plugins for your browser and follow my steps.

Step 1: Follow the above links, then download and install those plugins for your desired browser. I will explain the further steps for Chrome, but it’s the same for other browsers too.

useragent extention for chrome

Step 2: Click on the extension given on the right side corner of Chrome.

Step 3: Click on the extension and select Safari or iOS.

Step 4: Then select on Mac Safari 7, and you’re all done.

Step 5: Now, reload the page, and you’ll be able to see that the Windows 10 ISO File Download option is now available.

Windows 10 official ISO file download

Step 6: From the Select Edition, Click on windows 10. Select your desired language and click on confirm.

Step 7: Select your desired 32 or 64-bit windows, and your download will begin shortly.

Windows 10 Free download

That’s all about the User-Agent method. Let’s move towards the new method,

Toggle Device Toolbar Method (Inspect Element)

As the title itself suggests, It is the Inspect Element method. This is quite new, and many people might be unaware of it. “The Old might be Gold, But the new is always Diamond.”

This method still works, and you can easily download windows 10 official iso file from Microsoft with its help. So let’s begin.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Official Website for Windows 10 ISO Download.

Step 2: Right-click on the mouse and go to inspect element. You can also access it with the help of shortcut keys. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I

Step 3: Now click on the Toggle Device Toolbar, which is on the console’s left side corner. You can also access it with the help of a shortcut key (CTRL + SHIFT + M). Look at the image below to be more ensure.

Step 4: Reload the page, and you’ll be able to download Windows 10 ISO file for free.

Windows 10 iso download

That’s all about this method. Pretty Easy, Right? Same as above, select your desired language, your bit for the windows, and start to download Windows 10 iso files for free. If you’re still confused, then don’t worry. We’ll include a video tutorial below.

Download Windows 10 Official ISO File Free From Microsoft (Video Tutorial)


These are two different methods for downloading Windows 10 iso file directly from the official Microsoft website. Both of the ways are easy and straight forward. You can read the article as well as watch the tutorial video for more detailed information.

I personally choose Linux over Windows due to its speed and reliability. If you got the same problem, There are ways to Boost and Speedup Windows performance.  The second method is still fresh and works. With this, you won’t have any problem with spyware and malware.

Windows 10 is still the most used OS in the entire world, and with its updates, it might be the best OS in the future. Feel free to comment below if you face any problems.

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