GTA 5 Military Base Location: Where To Find Military Base in GTA 5

Hey GTA Fans, are you looking to enter a military base in GTA 5? Why should you even go there in First Place? What’s inside a military base in GTA 5?

Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions and help you locate and find a military base in GTA 5.

As a tease in your quest to find a military base, GTA 5 contains only one military base: Fort Zancudo, located in Blaine County, San Andreas. If you found it based only on this information, you’re already a pro. But if you’ve never been to that place and are dying to get inside a military base in GTA 5, let me show you where it is.

But before that,

Why Should You Visit Military Base in GTA 5?

The fact that you can’t see the military base in GTA 5’s map unless you’re there makes it very interesting and challenging from the beginning.
In GTA 5, and GTA Online, the player isn’t really allowed to access Fort Zancudo, as there’s a reason for that.

Before we answer that, Why is it hidden? Does it contain loot or weapons? Well, the short answer is yes.

The facility is home to heavily armored and lethal military equipment, such as the P-996 Lazer fighter jet or the Rhino tank.

You could do a great deal of damage to your enemies and cities. Such destruction would be devastating, but since GTA is all about it, it would be equally satisfying as well.

Obviously, you won’t just be handed these vehicles, but infiltrating the base and stealing one can be very rewarding if you buy gta v & play it.

Where To Find Military Base in GTA 5?

As I told you earlier, you cannot find a military base in GTA 5 Map; you’ve to be there to see it.

This is how you get there. You can have a look at this military base satellite image.

Satelite Image Military Base
Satellite Image Military Base

The military base is located on Fort Zancudo. To the far west, there’s a highway that follows the beach. You will come to a tunnel following that highway, past the big curve and the off-white bridge. Above that is the airstrip attached to Fort Zancudo. You should now be able to see it on the map. It is probably the easiest military base to get into, as you can drive straight through the front gates.

In summary, here’s how to find a military base in GTA 5:

  1. Open your Map using key “M” and mark the location just like our picture.
  2. Get on the highway on the left side of the map and head uphill towards Paleto bay.
  3. Eventually you will reach a bridge and a tunnel.
  4. Above the tunnel is Fort Zancudo.
  5. You should now be able to see it on your map.
  6. Drive straight forward toward front gates of military base.
  7. You’re finally inside military base. What’s happens now?

What Happens inside Military Base in GTA 5?

On Story Mode — When you enter a military base, you’ll receive a 5-star wanted level, and they’ll do whatever they can to bring you down. The only exception would be when you do Cletus’ elk-tracking mission with Trevor. Cletus will leave you on your own to kill the final elk, so kill it (important to do this first) but don’t make any further moves. Afterward, you can head to the base, where you can wander around at your leisure – no wanted level. If you climb the tower to the top, which has six floors and a lot of stairs, a minigun is waiting for you. Stand on the spot, and it’ll respawn once every minute. You can even steal a fighter jet and store it at Trevor’s airfield. Once your hunting mission is complete, send Cletus a photo of the dead elk. I don’t consider this a cheat or even a mod. I consider it more of a fun little glitch.

On Online Mode — Once you enter a military base, A player who enters Fort Zancudo’s airspace, either by plane or helicopter, will automatically receive a 2-star wanted level and a radio warning. As soon as the wanted level reaches 4, guided missiles will be launched at players who do not leave the area. Your only chance is to turn away and escape or steal a tank or helicopter and fly away.

How To Get Into Military Base With No Stars In Gta 5

Since you already know where the military base is located in GTA 5, you can quickly get inside there without any wanted levels. However, it’s tricky and you’ve to get there fast in order to avoid wanted levels in GTA 5.

By using aircraft, like a plane or helicopter: Upon entering the base’s airspace, you’ll receive a two-star wanted level and a radio warning. You’ll receive a four-star wanted level and guided missiles if you don’t leave. You can still try to land, but it would be better to jump and open your parachute when you are close to the ground. Once you land, you should have plenty of time to steal a military vehicle before the army shoots you dead.

By using a fast car or motorcycle: If you are looking for an entry point into the base, look for a nice hill or cliff near the fences. Ideally, you should land somewhere between the two outer fences, which line a concrete road that circles the entire base. The gate guards are not able to see you once you reach this road, so you can drive along with it without getting a wanted level. 

Also, When the gate guard looks in the opposite direction, you can sometimes drive your motorcycle through the front checkpoint. You’ll see an entrance to the same, safe concrete road on your right as you pass by. As a result, you’ll have some additional time to steal a vehicle before the army swarms you.

Ready To Visit Military Base in GTA 5?

The military base is a dangerous place in both GTA 5 and GTA Online and is heavily guarded by armed forces. Fort Zancudo remains an off-limits zone, so remain on the lookout for armed soldiers and a 4-star Wanted Level. 

Nevertheless, you can still enter the military base with our guide in GTA 5 without encountering any wanted levels. There are a lot of interesting places to visit on GTA 5. You can find altruistic cult hideouts or a restricted military base surrounded by mountains.

I hope that this guide was helpful and if you have any problems or suggestions, please let me know down below. Also, feel free to share it with your friends. 

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