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How to Find a Job in a Western Company for a Developer?

If you have been thinking about trying to find a job abroad for a long time, then this article is about it. This article contains key points related to job search.

What you need to know

For IT specialists, it is easier to find a job abroad, because in IT there are less requirements for knowledge of local specifics and legislation. Unlike other professions, programmers can start working without the need for local accreditation, provided they have the necessary experience. If you are successfully finding work in your city, then you may want to consider looking for work abroad. If there are difficulties during the interview, you should improve your professional level, and knowledge of a foreign language is mandatory, but this will be discussed separately.

About the benefits of interviews

Passing interviews is like a free exam. Large companies conduct interviews frequently, so it’s a good idea to attend at least one interview per month. Some interviews can be useless, and many are conducted by people who are not well versed in the subject. But in many cases, it helps to understand what you do and know well and what needs to be improved. It is important to use interviews to find out your mistakes and improve your skills. It’s good when the interviewer gives recommendations.

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English is the de facto standard in IT and many other industries. Localized content can be of poor quality, which is why many professionals choose to read in English. Language proficiency may be necessary to find work abroad and expand the choice of employers. Online learning can be ineffective for beginners. To improve your speaking practice, you can visit clubs in a foreign language, look for opportunities to learn the language in everyday life.

About CV

A resume is an important part of applying for a job. Original resumes usually don’t have much influence on a hiring decision. The best option is a short resume of a couple of pages containing key details about the candidate’s experience. When writing a resume, you need to pay attention to education, key skills, recent jobs, technology stack and certifications. In addition, you must include all the necessary contact information on each page.

Where to look for a job?

The most popular job search resource is Linkedin. After compiling a resume, it is worth updating your profile on Linkedin. Do not forget to indicate that you are looking for a job, this can be done in your account settings.

A huge number of vacancies are published on resources for programmers. There is a separate subsite on StackOverflow with jobs. Most simulators for solving interview puzzles also publish vacancies (Leetcode, HackerRank, etc.). For a remote job as a software engineer, consider looking for a job on Crossover. Subscribe to fresh vacancies, regularly respond to existing ones. But don’t expect results right away.

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