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How To Reverse a Youtube Playlist

In our last article, we discussed How to stop YouTube videos from pausing, and we are back with another answer to the most common YouTube question — How to reverse a YouTube playlist?

It is a common question among people who have found themselves watching a playlist in order and wishing that the videos were playing in reverse order. Fortunately, reversing a YouTube playlist is not difficult!

YouTube is possibly the most popular website in the world. It is a site where people can upload and share their videos and view videos uploaded by other people or businesses and watch videos of their favorite celebrities discussing pop culture events. YouTube can teach you many things, and it has been growing in popularity for quite some time. 

We use Youtube every day for learning new things and for entertainment. It does not mean to use YouTube like an addicted one. So, limit your and your family’s screen time using spy apps control your screen time.

Do you want to reverse a YouTube playlist? If you answered yes, this article is best for you. In this blog, we discussed various methods for playing a YouTube playlist reverse.

By default, the YouTube algorithm places the new video on top of the older video in the playlist. So, if the playlist contains a movie series or a web series, you won’t be able to enjoy it if you use the autoplay feature because the autoplay feature plays videos from top to bottom. You will have to manually play the episodes, which may become tedious.

What is Youtube Playlist?

A YouTube Playlist is a set of videos created by a user and displayed on their YouTube account. When users visit the YouTube homepage, they are presented with a customizable list of playlists created by others, such as popular or recently added playlists. Users can also create and share their customized playlists. A playlist will be displayed as a thumbnail next to the playlist’s name and include a description.

The filtering system, which allows users to search YouTube for videos added to playlists created by others, is the most prominent playlist on YouTube. In some cases, this may appear redundant with the addition of a promotional video to a playlist. On the other hand, filtering gives you more options than simply viewing all videos and selecting those that interest you.

Is it possible to reverse the order of YouTube playlists?

YouTube users have been requesting a reverse YouTube feature for a long time. Many people want this feature, as evidenced by the thousands of comments on YouTube’s website requesting the ability to reverse playlists, all of which have gone unanswered.

Even though YouTube has not responded to user requests, third-party tools are available that can reverse YouTube playlists.

You can reverse a playlist on YouTube or watch a playlist in reverse order in various ways. I’ve highlighted the various tricks below to help you in reversing your YouTube playlists. Continue reading to find out how.

Ways to reverse a Youtube playlist

Many browser extensions are compatible with YouTube and can quickly reverse the YouTube playlist and help you play it properly as you want it.

You can try the following methods to reverse the order of a YouTube playlist:

  1. Using the browser extension
  2. Adding a playlist in your private playlist
  3. Making use of third-party websites
  4. Changing the chronological order of a YouTube playlist

1. Using the browser extension

There are chrome browser extensions available that allow you to easily reverse the YouTube playlist. Remember that these extensions will only help you reverse YouTube playlists if you use YouTube in your browser. Reverse Youtube playlist is an addon that adds a button to the playlist that allows it to be reversed. The steps for installing it are as follows:

  • Search for a Chrome web store in your computer’s Chrome browser.
  • Then, type any one extension (Iridium for YouTube or Improve for YouTube) and press ENTER.
  • Then you click the “Add to Chrome” button. You will then see a pop-up window with the option to “Add extension.” It will add the extension you chose to the browser.
  • Open YouTube and select a video from a playlist to watch.
  • A reverse button is located on your right side, next to your playlist contents. Select it by clicking on it.
  • Videos in the playlist will now play backward.

2. Adding a playlist in your private playlist

If the above method is too complicated for you or does not work on your system, here is another method that will help you reverse a YouTube playlist online. This method does not necessarily require the installation of any software or extensions on your system. Implementing this trick is very simple, and it is also highly recommended by many users on various forums. So, let’s start.

  • To begin, go to YouTube and make a new playlist of your own.
  • Click on the three dots to open the playlist you just made.
  • In that menu, select the playlist settings option and check the box next to Add new videos to the top.
  • Begin to add videos to your playlist. The newly added videos will be added to the playlist by Youtube.
  • If you want the new videos to appear below, disable the “Add new videos to the top” option.

3. Making use of third-party websites

Third-party applications are available on the internet that allows you to reverse Youtube playlist videos online. If you are not the owner or creator of the playlist, you can use this method. This trick can play YouTube playlist videos backward on Android/iOS devices and desktop browsers. To use this method, implement the following steps as below:

  • Navigate to using your device’s browser.
  • Open a new tab, go to YouTube, and copy the link to the playlist you want to reverse.
  • Return to the Playbackloop website, paste the link into the address bar and click the button next to it.
  • A window pops up, presenting all of the videos in your playlist.
  • By selecting the top option, you can change the order of the videos. There are four choices: Oldest first, Newest first, Playlist order, and Title. Choose the choices that best meet your needs.

4. Changing the chronological order of a YouTube playlist

If you are the playlist owner, if you created the playlist whose order you want to change, you could change it using playlist settings. If you are not the playlist’s owner, avoid using this method. This method is available for both mobile phones and desktop computers. Follow the steps below to change the chronological order of the YouTube playlist:

  • Open the YouTube browser or mobile app and navigate to the playlist whose order you want to change.
  • Then, select Playlist Settings by clicking the three dots to the right of the playlist name.
  • Click the Advanced settings option in the playlist settings menu.
  • A new window will be opened. In that case, click the drop-down menu under the ordering tab and choose the order you want your playlist to be in.
  • To keep your changes, press the save button. The playlist’s order will now be changed to match the order you specified.


You had no way of reversing a YouTube playlist until now when you have the methods listed above to rearrange your YouTube to the proper order. I hope you can now watch your YouTube series in the correct order.

You can now enjoy more useful and exciting features than just reversing the YouTube playlist using the browser extensions. YouTube could not be more enjoyable with the current ways of improving user experience.

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