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How To Transfer Balance in Ncell

Ncell, Nepal’s giant telecom company, offers you an easy way to transfer your balance with ease.  Ncell subscribers are the only ones who are able to transfer and receive balances from friends and relatives with Ncell numbers. 

Additionally, you can do 20 transfers per day, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 500 Rs. Per transfer — making it a total of 10,000 Rs. a day. Having this amount of money in your account can last for a long time, making it much easier in case of an emergency.

There is no need to go to a recharge card shop or anywhere else. You can easily transfer the balance between Ncell and Ncell while staying at home. Furthermore, The following steps will explain How To Transfer Balance in Ncell.

How To Transfer Balance in Ncell with Ease?

Transfer Balance From Ncell Prepaid To Ncell

  1. Remember this code *17122*NUMBER*Amount# to transfer balance.
  2. Open Dialpad and replace “Number” with the phone number of the receiver.
  3. Replace the “Amount” with the amount that you wish to send.
  4. It will look something like this, *17122*98xxxxxxxx*50#
  5. Then, press the call button on your dialer and “Confirm.”
  6. You’ve successfully transferred the balance to the Ncell number.

How To Transfer Balance in Ncell from Abroad?

Nepalese people can still use their Ncell Sim Cards in foreign countries by turning on the Roaming service. They might use it to call their friends and family to tell them they’re safe after landing or about their workplace and cities.

Whatever the reason might be, transferring a Ncell balance in a foreign country can be challenging. To Transfer balance, one must use online payment services like Ding and Ncell Recharge. You can pay with PayPal, Credit Cards, or prepaid cards like Visa, Mastercard, etc.

Alternative Method: Digital Wallets

You can transfer the balance on your Ncell SIM card using one of the many digital wallets available. Considering how far digital payment has come, it would be foolish not to use it to one’s advantage. Instead of carrying hard cash and credit/debit cards around, you can use a smartphone, which you probably already own, to have them at all times.

Here are the 5 Best Digital Wallets you can use to transfer Balance in your Sim Card.

  1. eSewa
  2. IMEpay
  3. Khalti
  4. Prabhu Pay
  5. Fonepay

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1. Can I Transfer Money From Ncell To NTC? 

No, You cannot transfer money from Ncell to NTC or NTC to Ncell.

2. How much service charge does it cost to transfer a balance from Ncell?

The service charge per transfer was Rs. 1 (exclusive of tax). Once TSC and VAT are added at 13% each, the total service charge was Rs. 1.28. But right now, there is no service charge for transferring money to Ncell SIM Card.

Transferring Balance in Ncell

I hope that all of these methods mentioned below have provided you with a clear insight on how you can Transfer Balance to your Ncell SIM Card. Ncell has removed even the service charge for now, but it might be added again in the future. So which of the many options do you like best? Leave a comment below if you have more questions regarding this article. 

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