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10 Revolutionary Internet Technologies That Changed The World

The internet has become a vital part of our lives, and this is especially true for the devices we use at home. These days, we call them “smart devices” because they don’t require much human effort to operate. All you need to do is connect them to the internet and give them a command, and the rest is up to the machine. This is an example of the internet of things.

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This includes things like GPS, remote start, and even WiFi. This allows us to do things like get directions, start our car from afar, and even stream music or movies while we’re driving.

The possibilities of the internet of things are endless. We are only just scratching the surface of what is possible. In the future, we will only see more and more devices connecting to the internet and becoming a part of our everyday lives.

If you want to know more about the Internet of Things, we recommend looking into Xfinity WiFi, which offers some of the best internet services in the country. Listed below are some other examples of the internet of things that you ought to know about. Our homes, offices, and streets will soon be covered with the internet of things. 

Here are some other examples of the internet of things that you should know about. They’ll soon be a part of our homes, offices, and streets, and they’ll change the way we live in the new world.

Apple iPhone

Though the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, its 2007 introduction really got the ball rolling for social media, messaging, and the mobile internet. If it hadn’t been for the iPhone and its dozens of competitors freeing these features from the shackles of the desktop computer and optimizing them for mobile devices, they wouldn’t be nearly as powerful or universal as they are today.

Armed with powerful features and able to run thousands of apps, smartphones have squeezed more functionality into one device than we’ve ever seen before. The mobile revolution has also brought the death of point-and-shoot cameras, dashboard GPS units, camcorders, PDAs, and MP3 players. Now we use smartphones to shop, as a flashlight, and sometimes even to call people. It’s tech’s version of the Swiss Army knife.



Perhaps the most important thing about bitcoin is blockchain, the encryption technology behind the cryptocurrency. Because blockchains work as a secure digital ledger, a bumper crop of startups hope to bring it to voting, lotteries, ID cards and identity verification, graphics rendering, welfare payments, job hunting and insurance payments.

It’s potentially a very big deal. Analyst firm Gartner estimates that blockchain will provide $176 billion in value to businesses by 2025 and a whopping $3.1 trillion by 2030.


Airbiquity works for your cars as it integrates safety into your cars by using the internet. It gives you Over the Air or OTA services and data management.

These are able to give you updates in real time. One of the best things about this software is that it works effectively in times of emergency cases. You can add your friends and your family and in the case of a car crash, the software will be able to instantly notify your friends and your family. 


Again, this software is also used for cars and it is used for the GPS system in real-time. The software is also used to keep in check the vehicle’s health and the performance and efficiency of the driver.

This software can be used for companies that work in logistics and if the driver repeatedly accelerates excessively or brakes too much, the software can help them avoid crises through accidents and help in increasing fuel efficiency. 

LG Electronics

LG Electronics

LG is one of the companies that is incorporating machine learning into their smart home devices. This includes air conditioners and refrigerators. Their air conditioners and refrigerators are able to connect to the internet and can access Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. LG has also created an application called the ThinQ app, which will give you a notification if any of your devices need any sort of maintenance.

Since the appliances are able to connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you would probably need a Hub and then you can run these appliances simply at the command of your voice. 

Samsung Electronics

Samsung’s most sold product would definitely be its mobile phones but there is a lot more that Samsung does for its customers. Samsung also makes smart home devices and is also known for producing high-quality TVs. Samsung also incorporates machine learning into its products and allows you to connect your devices with each other, for instance, you can connect your TV to your mobile phone and you can connect your tablet to your TV as well.

Even the refrigerators by Samsung can be connected to the internet and they can give you notifications for the smallest of things. If you leave your refrigerator door open by accident, it can give you a notification on your smartphone. 

If you have a Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum, you can set it through your phone to have scheduled cleanings whenever you want your vacuum to clean your room or your entire house. 



When it comes to security, companies have also introduced artificial intelligence and the internet of things into their security equipment. Wyze is one of the companies, which creates products that are integrated with the internet of things.

This gives an easier interaction between customers and their security products. The products made by Wyze include cordless vacuums, color-shifting bulbs, cameras, and miscellaneous products such as smartwatches and headphones. 


Wink allows you to control your home. All you need to do is to download one app that will allow you to do everything that you want to do. You can control a number of products from different companies using this app. You can connect Wink with your Dropcam Monitoring Camera, which works wirelessly. This would allow you to monitor your home remotely for the maximum level of security.

Wherever you are, you can keep tabs on your home and you can keep a check on your home for any sort of damages or intruders if they break into your house. This would keep all unauthorized people out of your home and you wouldn’t have to worry about your home’s security while you are away. 

Nexleaf Analytics

Nexleaf is a company that incorporates the internet of things into the healthcare system and makes it more systematic. One of their products is a Propellor sensor that you can attach to your inhaler if you are asthmatic. This would allow you to learn what exactly acts as a trigger for your asthma and you can have instant emergency connections with family, friends, and healthcare workers.

It can help track your inhaler puffs and research data suggest how many puffs it takes on average to deal with an asthma attack, this helps in researching more on patient health and precautions.


As we can see, the Internet of Things has made our lives much easier and more convenient.

However, we should also be aware of the potential risks that come with using these connected devices.

We should be careful about what information we share online, and make sure that our devices are secure.

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