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6 Ways to Collaborate With Influencer: 93 Y.o. Influencer Case

It was demonstrated by Instagram’s “Bad Grandma” that age is just a number and that it is never too late to pursue your aspirations. At 93, she now relishes life by dressing however she pleases, going to events and ceremonies, keeping a blog, mingling with celebrities, and embracing modern media.

The internet now serves as a source of entertainment in addition to information storage. Curious folks seem to be very captivating to follow.Additionally, the content is up to us to choose based on our preferences. As a result, some people read travelogues, others store recipes, while yet others merely search for the most recent news. Bloggers found that they could immediately take advantage of this on Instagram as their follower base increased.A blogger’s large following who is in tune with their lifestyle creates an ideal target market for advertising.

The typical person views the recommendations of influencers as trustworthy and comparable to traditional advertising.Because of this, it performs better than other varieties. 91% of millennials trust online evaluations just as much as recommendations from friends and family, according to InfluencerMarketingHub.

Influencer marketing benefits from authenticity because unlike banner blindness and ad blockers, which are already present on 763 million devices worldwide. The viewers might not even be aware that they have been seduced by the advertisement if the ad is effectively integrated into the blogger’s material.

After all, feedback from comments, likes, and reposts is crucial for assessing how well a product performs and how well it meets consumer needs.

On the surface, blogging appears simple, low-risk, or not a huge issue. It only takes a few minutes to drop a line, add a memorable image or quick video, and you’re done! The tasks on today’s list have been completed. Since that is resolved, why not finish it off with a fine coffee or prepare yourself for the careful study of the wonderful skill of doing nothing at all. Some individuals are irritated by these freeloaders, while others continue to believe they are living the good life or harbor ambitions to replace them.

But wait before passing judgment. It is no longer sufficient to win the championship in this highly competitive field, but maintaining it is still a significant achievement. As of right now, there is still a dearth of good content that includes interesting posts, beautiful photographs, or humorous videos.]

A plan should be made in advance to promote the blog and provide content. A rookie typically displays restlessness and agitation, is burdened with a scheduled monthly and weekly content plan, suffers from an unending lack of inspiration, and harbors the phantom hope that, in the long run, something will come out of a long shot.

The survivors of the ruthless massacre of the most inventive can therefore look forward to moral (and pecuniary) restitution.

Since we’ve just talked about originality, this wonderful lady is hard to beat.

Helen Ruth Elam (baddiewinkle)

The famous quote from Honore de Balzac is, “Everything comes to him who waits.” In our case, she received it—our current heroine’s fame in the finest way conceivable.

There is no one more famous on Instagram than 93-year-old Kentucky native Baddie Winkle (Ruth Elam van Winkle). Celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Nicole Richie were drawn to her for her outgoing attitude, unconventional lifestyle, and sassy photographs.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses when this blogger’s life took a sharp turn. Her husband was killed in a vehicle accident just before their 35th wedding anniversary. Her lone kid was also given a cancer diagnosis roughly 18 years ago. Nevertheless, she made the decision to live a full life despite all of her pain and grief.

It was demonstrated by Instagram’s “Bad Grandma” that age is just a number and that it is never too late to pursue your aspirations. She currently enjoys life at the age of 93, dressing however she pleases, going to events and ceremonies, keeping a profile, hanging out with famous people, and embracing her social media tagline, “Stealing Your Man Since 1928,” which is the most popular among teenagers.

The unconventional and bold granny is adored by her more than 3.3 million Instagram followers and sponsors.

According to an examination of the blogger’s target audience, baddiewinkle’s followers are predominantly concentrated in the United States, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and France, with 32.4%, 11.9%, and 11.9% respectively, while 30.3% are men between the ages of 18 and 24. Baddiewinkle frequently writes on fashion, design, and celebrities.

Let’s examine how a lucrative contract might push it.

Native ads

We can’t resist but bring up an antiquated marketing tactic that influencers still find appealing. It performs better than other varieties since it is easier to produce, which saves the blogger or advertiser time and effort. This strategy typically captures the audience’s attention because the post is more likely to be viewed as a recommendation from someone who has a thorough understanding of what they are writing about rather than as a sponsored commercial.

Covid times paused our lives and all of their romanticism. However, Baddiewinkle appreciates time more than anyone else and is unwilling to give up even a single second of it. She is therefore free to suggest the dating app @Bumble.

The Baddiewinkle alliance has resulted in an increase in app downloads, according to the Bumble team. Users sent 16% more messages at the end of April than they had before quarantine. The number of video calls increased by 70%, demonstrating that some data is undoubtedly shared by Bad Grandma.


The text must relate a tale or a personal experience to the good or service stated at the end of the article and fit in with the “organic” content. This type is comparable to the preceding one in that regard. In addition to reducing its commercial tone, this enhances brand credibility.

Due of Granny’s preference for long parties over conversations, we are unable to provide you guys with an example.

Brand Ambassador

Large corporations may afford ambassadors, particularly those that reflect the company’s vision, philosophy, and values or who in some way personify the target market. Such collaboration aims to provide the idea that the good or service is a regular part of the blogger’s life. Additionally, the impact grows as a result of consistent and repeated impressions in articles and tales.

Such gimmicks are not used in one-time advertising, thus this technique is in demand. It is doubtful that you will become an ambassador if you do not have many subscribers. However, a medium-sized influencer with a 100,000-person audience will benefit from this approach.

There’s always room for development!

I sincerely hope Helen’s unwavering commitment to the FashionNova (FN) brand serves as an example for you.

According to the InfluencerDB research, FN led Google searches in 2017 and surpassed Dior and Off-White to become the most popular Instagram brand.

Fashion The secret to Nova’s success is a genuine embrace of variety. The company embraces all potential physical characteristics and demonstrates that a woman may look attractive in whatever size, skin tone, or age. The blogger’s page also exudes the brand’s principles as she displays outrageous costumes fashioned with the company’s merchandise, reinforcing the idea that individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are entitled to attractiveness.


One-time activities are less expensive than brand ambassadorships. Here, we deal with a one-time task that doesn’t call for a commitment over an extended period of time. Like when Baddie was a guest of Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, MTV emphasized the appearance for the intended audience in articles and stories.

Bloggers update their pages with fresh content, whereas brands or businesses increase sales by attracting new customers.

Giveaways and contests

Despite what it seem, handouts nonetheless have an impact. Here, you choose bloggers with a relevant readership and give them money to spend on gifts and advertise the product. Followings of the influencer flow (leak) to marketplaces or commercial accounts, drawn by engaging content and eye-catching gift boxes.That’s how easy it is.

Merch sales

Clothes, accessories, mementos, and other items bearing the brand’s logo are referred to as merchandise, or merch. Prior to the social media explosion, businesses and bands tended to use merch. Today, prominent figures and bloggers promote branded goods.

The moment of truth

Do you require Instagram ads? Yes, according to us. Over 60% of users, aged 16 to 34, watch Stories every day, and more than 80% of social network searchers have at least one business account subscribed. Instagram advertisements perform 5.4 times better on desktop and 8.3 times better than in-game ads.

If the product closely matches the theme of the blog, the influencer is in a good position. Additionally, if the product is of great quality, a partnership will be a foregone conclusion.

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