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Why Cheap Virtual Phone Numbers are Perfect for Startups and Small Businesses

High-quality communication is a significant element of any business. Do you want to offer short convenient numbers to your customers and ensure high-quality communication for your employees? In this case, a virtual phone number from HotTelecom will be the best solution.

What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual telephony is an innovative type of communication that works based on an Internet channel. It is allocated to a telephone line, provided that the width of each line exceeds 100 kbps.

Virtual telephony combines numerous types of services, the most popular of which are:

  • telephones for receiving SMS;
  • disposable telephone numbers;
  • mobile and second numbers;
  • landline numbers;
  • free numbers;
  • virtual automatic telephone exchanges.

How a virtual number works

A prerequisite for the functioning of virtual telephony is a cloud-based automatic telephone exchange. The activation process can be carried out with the help of a provider or independently.

Virtual phone number

The main advantage of virtual telephone numbers is remote functioning. To activate the service, you only need a device to receive messages or calls depending on your capabilities and needs:

  • Smartphone, laptop, tablet, or personal computer with the software installed;
  • Dedicated IP phone. It is specialized equipment that you need to connect to a smartphone or computer;
  • Equipment with an IP gateway. It is necessary to connect the devices installed earlier in the office to it.

Advantages of virtual telephony

Internet telephony is a popular solution for today’s businesses. To make it as efficient as possible, the provider’s specialists help you choose equipment on the specifics of your business. In particular, the following matters:

  • Mission and goals of the company;
  • Number of clients;
  • Scope of work.

Virtual numbers allow you to solve many problems that entrepreneurs face. These include:

  • Broad functionality. Internet telephony provides users with many services that are not available to analog and digital telephone exchanges. Virtual numbers can be used on social networks, payment services, etc. They allow you to set up a voice greeting, receive messages and calls, record calls, turn on call forwarding, etc.
  • Affordable cost. Each user can choose the most favorable rates for renting virtual numbers based on individual characteristics and wishes.
  • Integration with business systems.
  • Mobility and scalability. Virtual telephony forms a single database of mobile and fixed telephone numbers. It helps to create an efficient corporate telephone network capable of receiving numerous incoming calls.

With the help of Internet telephony, you can get both local numbers and numbers of exotic regions and countries. The range of the provider includes more than 90 countries. Regardless of the country you choose, you are guaranteed absolute privacy protection. If you have any questions, qualified specialists from the support service will provide advice.

You can pay for the services of a virtual telephony provider using any convenient method, including cryptocurrency payments.


A virtual phone number is a convenient and practical tool that modern companies need in any field. Internet telephony helps to create a convenient and efficient system of communication in the business of any level and form of organization. Check it out for yourself right now!

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