Apple Made Its Phones Impossible For Police to Hack – Employees at GreyKey, an app law enforcement agencies use to access iPhones without the owners’ permission, have said that the latest version of iOS blocks their app from accessing data. Forbes‘ Thomas Brewster spoke with sources at GreyKey’s parent company GreyShift, who confirmed that the update specifically blocks the GreyKey app, and they cannot figure out why. Now, if a phone has the latest iOS update, GreyKey is only able to perform a “partial extraction,” limiting its efficacy to useless scraps of unencrypted files and some metadata. This presents a grave dilemma for GreyShift’s business of securing contracts with law enforcement and federal agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

When police have asked Apple for help accessing into iPhones, Apple has sided with consumer privacy. After the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attacks, Apple declined a judge’s order to give “technical assistance” to the FBI to access a suspect’s device.

Back in April, a Motherboard examination uncovered GreyShift contracts with State Police powers in Maryland and Indiana and extra connections to the State Office and Medication Authorization Organization (DEA). The application utilizes a strategy known as “animal power” passage: mechanized secret key conjectures that prop up until one works.

GreyShift is a piece of a developing industry attempting to foil Apple’s security endeavors. Prior this year, an Israeli organization called Cellebrite conceivably helped a Bureau of Country Security (DHS) assault on an iPhone X. What’s more, not long ago, the FBI opened a speculate’s telephone utilizing an iPhone X’s Face ID—the main known occurrence of the element being utilized in a law requirement examination. Apple, it appears, isn’t simply going to bring this resting.

Source: Forbes



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